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Where are the matches played?


  • A “home” team/player is assigned for each match.  Matches will be played at that facility.  Please make sure the court is reserved, has lights if needed. 


  • Communicate with opponent any dress, paddle or ball requirements.  Additionally, if there is water and rest rooms at the home facility. 


  • The “home” team provides the match balls.  There should be a minimum of at least 2 new balls.

  • Guest fees may apply, please check with your club.  Most clubs recognize the flex league as part of league play, as such, there is no fee, but check with your club or facility first.  If there is a guest fee, it is paid for by the “home” team.


  • Should there be a problem with the court, or inclement weather, the home team must call the opponent’s and reschedule.

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