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Defaults, Withdraw, Retired Matches 




  • After 3 reports of a team not communicating with other teams, the team will be contacted, remaining matches will be scored as default wins for their opponents, and the team is suspended from playing the next season.


  • Defaults are recorded as a win for the opposing team and recorded as such, 15-0, 15-0


  • It is a default to cancel a match 24 hours or less, before it is scheduled.  The team unable to play the match will default the match UNLESS the team receiving the default agrees to reschedule the match.


  • All players must arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time.  If a player is late, the team defaults the match, unless the opponents agree to play or reschedule the match.




  • If a team withdraws from league, prior to playing a match, all the team’s matches will simply be deleted.


  • No refunds will be issues once schedules are posted.

  • If a team withdraws in the flight after playing a match, all teams in the group will receive an

15-0, 15-0 win against the withdrawing team.This rule attempts to credit teams who played the withdrawing team, without penalizing those who did not play the withdrawing team.


Retired Matches


  • A retired match is when a match can’t continue due to injury, illness or personal reasons. 

  • The score would be recorded with completed games played up to the point of the team retiring, with the balance of the match reported as 15-0 for the team not retiring.

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