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What are the dates of the league?

  • Summer Season- Session 1 – Begins April 25 (and will consist of at least 6 matches)

  • Summer Season – Session 2 – Begins July 11 (and will consist of at least 6 matches)

How are the matches scheduled?

Matches can be played in an order, at any time, if they are completed by the season deadline.

  • The player listed on the team first, will be responsible for communicating for the team.

  • Give your opponents at least three times your team would be available to play.

  • Our match recording website has a page where players can notify their opponents where and when they prefer to play. 


  • Try and be flexible, the goal is to play the match.

  • Home team is responsible for initial contact to schedule the match but both teams can make contact.  It is highly recommended to contact all opponents once the schedules are posted, to start the scheduling discussion.  Schedule and play the most convenient matches first.


  • The home team should reserve the courts for their home matches and expect that the away team will travel to them. 


  • Home team must communicate the dress code at facility, available water, restrooms, paddle or ball requirements, lighting-if it will be needed and anything else you feel pertinent to playing the match.


  • Round robin format is used, with a goal of playing one match assigned per week.

  • 1-2 weeks are reserved at the end of each session, to make up matches, if needed.

  • If a match is rained out, it should be rescheduled as soon as possible.

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